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Welcome to Global One Resource Group, LLC.

Global One USA is comprised of United States Military Special Operations, Law Enforcement Special Operations Instructors, and Subject Matter Experts. All of our instructors have real world experience and the necessary certifications and credentials.

Our curriculum is continually evolving based on the evolution of our enemy’s techniques, tactics and procedures. Global One facilities are located in Fairfield, Utah they include an evasive driving track, 52 acres of firearms ranges, live-fire track, off road driving areas, military drop zone, and onsite lodging/dining facilities. If you are unable to train at our facility our mobile training teams are available to travel to your location.

Course Highlight

Individual Terrorism Awareness Course (INTAC)

This course, consisting of 45 hours of Pre-Deployment Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Training, is designed to make at-risk personnel a hard target. In addition to meeting all INTAC requirements, students in this course will participate in daily, real-time Surveillance Detection as an enemy "Red Cell" will be working intelligence operations against them.

Additionally, students will receive advanced handgun, carbine, and foreign weapon training, guaranteed to dramatically increase speed and accuracy.